ATTENTION ALL MEMBERS: Executives, coaches, players, parents and volunteers.

As per the attached alert provided by St George Football Association, Health NSW will be sending out public health officers to clubs without notice at any given time to assess the operations of football clubs during COVID-19 and the way members are responding to COVID-19 at training and game days.

It should not take public health officers to come around for us to do the right thing. COVID-19 is a pandemic and we need to continue to abide by all the laws and regulations put in place by the NSW Government, Australian Government, Football NSW and all Sporting Bodies.

To date, Banksia Tigers FC have closely followed all COVID-19 rules and regulations. We have been complimented by visiting clubs for the way we run game days with all COVID-19 rules in full force. Banksia Tigers FC constantly keep all members in the loop with COVID-19 updates and will continue to do so as the season goes on. All members have access to the COVID-19 material which can be found on our website

We encourage all members to get familiar with all COVID-19 material surrounding football as we have in the past

Subsequently COVID-19 resources and updates can be found at the following links: – FOOTBALL NSW Site – SGFA Site – NSW Government Department of Health – Australian Government Department of Health – World Health Organisation – Australian Institute of Sport – Sport Australia

Banksia Tigers FC have certain expectations in relation to COVID-19 when visiting Gardiner Park whether its during training or Game Days. All members must cooperate with the following:

  1. 1.5m social distancing AT ALL TIMES
  2. 1.5m markers at canteen and barbeque area, please follow the X marks in front of the canteen
  3. No hangouts around the canteen, bbq area or anywhere in the park
  4. No handshakes, hugs or contact amongst all members
  5. Hand sanitizers available at canteen and around the park, we encourage to use when necessary
  6. No social hangouts after training and game days
  7. Only come to the park if you have training or a game and ONE parent / guardian per participant is allowed
  8. Eligible spectators should be 1.5m distancing, no gathering around the football field
  9. No gathering during training and academy training by eligible Parent / Guardian (stay away from main field)

NOTE: We encourage all our members to act in the same manner whilst at away games, follow and respect all rules put in place by away clubs as each club might have put in extra measures for COVID-19.

Football NSW Level C COVID-19 Return to Play Safety Plan is your go to document to ensure you are exercising all COVID-19 rules and regulations. This document informs you of all the CAN DO’s and CAN’T Do’s and can be found on our website, Team App and FNSW website. Below are some steps and measures to consider prior and during training / game days.


  1. Download COVID SAFE APP
  2. As per the level C ‘Return to Play’ COVID-19 Safety Plan put out by FNSW, do not attend training or games if:
  • You have been unwell or had any flu-like symptoms, or
  • Been in contact with a known or suspected case of COVID-19, or
  • Any sudden loss of smell or loss of tase, or
  • Are at high risk from a health perspective, including the elderly and those with pre-existing medical health conditions
  • Check the NSW Government website link advice regarding the full list of symptoms associated with COVID-19 infection:
  1. Get Familiar with all COVID-19 resources and apply COVID-19 rules at all times (this applies to all members)
  2. Get dressed at home, do not change at the park, change rooms are closed (Public toilets are open for use)
  3. Bring your own water bottles (no sharing)


  1. Training Days – Fill out attendance record sheet and drop off at box which is located near clubhouse main door
  2. Full Squad training and competitive training with no restrictions, including skills and technique training
  3. Body contact through tackling and challenges is allowed
  4. Sharing of equipment is allowed however continue to maintain cleaning and disinfectant measures
  5. If training bibs are used, each individual player is to be allocated a bib and each player is required to take the bib home and wash
  6. Once training and games have concluded, social activity should be limited to essential activities
  7. ONE PARENT / GUARDIAN per participant to be present at training and games
  8. Provide regular breaks at training for hydration and hand sanitizing


  • No Spitting
  • No handshakes, hugs, high fives or team huddles
  • No sharing of bibs or water bottles
  • No hangouts prior or post training and matches


A quick message from BTFC regarding referees: RESPECT ALL REFS AT ALL TIMES !

It is just a game, everyone makes mistakes, get over it, referees are volunteers.

If you think you can do a better job, go and be a ref, association are always looking for referees.


To all our members, please remember we are in a pandemic, a situation that none of us have ever experienced before. We need to constantly be vigilant, help and support one another on and off the pitch. The only way to tackle this is through unity and togetherness

Finally, Banksia Tigers FC would like to thank all our members to date for complying with all Australian Government, Football NSW, SGFA and Banksia Tigers COVID-19 regulations. You are all doing a wonderful job and as a club we want to continue to maintain and be even better with our compliance to COVID-19.






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