Female Football

Banksia Tigers FC is proud to have had such great success and growth in female football over the last few years. We kicked off our first female teams in 2015 and have not stopped growing. We hope to drive female participation at all levels of the game, with a key focus on increasing female player participation.

We currently have the below teams:

  1. U6 mixed teams
  2. U7 Girls
  3. U8/9 Girls
  4. U12 Girls
  5. U14 Girls
  6. U16 Girls
  7. U21 Women
  8. All Age Women
  9. Premier League Women


  1. 2015 Premier League Women Minor Premiers
  2. 2016 U16 Semi finalists, Premier League Women Grand Finalist
  3. 2017 U16 Minor Premiers and Grand Finalist, Premier League Women Premiers
  4. 2018 U14 and U16 Finalists, Premier League Women Minor Premiers and Premiers
  5. 2019 Premier League Women Minor Premiers and Premiers, U16 Grand Finalist, U12 Minor Premiers and Premiers