RIP Haj Mustapha Faraj

Salam all,
It’s very emotional to see a community member and a long term Banksia Tigers supporter and player pass away right before your eyes but this is a natural progression of life.
Haj Mustapha Faraj was a well respected man in the community, he was a very spiritual man who would always go out of his way to help the poor and needy.
He was a regular visitor to Haj and Zyarat and helped fund the cost for many who couldn’t afford these spiritual journeys.
In respect to him and his family we will be donating all of next weeks canteen takings towards Haj Mustapha project in Karbala where he was building a husayniya as a rest house for the people who do the 40th walk from Najaf to Karbala.
We invite you and your families to donate what you can over the coming weekend.
May Allah grant Haj Mustafa Faraj paradise and give him the status of being close to the ahlulbeit.
Allah Yerhamo Al Fatiha
Whoever wishes to donate for Haj Mustapha Faraj charity project in Karbala pls donate to:
Banksia Tigers FC
Bsb: 633 000
Acc: 162722417
Ref: Haj M Faraj

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